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Dear Nancie,

You are absolutely correct-Lawrence Lucie has played with practically 
everyone from Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter, and Fletcher 
Henderson to Coleman Hawkins and Louie Bellson. He is ignored in many jazz 
reference books, presumably because he was primarily a reliable member of 
the rhythm section. Only a few "rhythm guitarists" have received general 
recognition, apart from Freddie Greene, who made his name with Count Basie's 
"All American Rhythm Section"(The Count, Greene, Walter Page-bass, Jo 
Jones-drums). Freddie almost never soloed, but sometimes the Count would 
announce that he was going to give him a solo. At a signal from the Count, 
the band would stop and Freddie would play one chord! Cheers.


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It's his 98th birthday and www.wkcr.org is streaming his music....and didn't 
he play guitar with just about everyone from Louis, Bechet, deParis, etc. 
etc. etc...
Thought that those who don't have a gig, and football game is over might be 
interested.  I listened most of the way back from CT and will tune in to 
89.9 on my radio as soon as I unpack the car.

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