[Dixielandjazz] Outlook Express (was strange emails)

Richard thejazzfactory at ozemail.com.au
Sun Dec 18 11:59:03 PST 2005

Hi All,

No jazz content at all but of interest to people using this list.

The discussion on Outlook Express is interesting. This simple program along
with Internet Explorer is bundled with the windows operating system. Even
Microsoft recommends using something more robust and allow for the complete
removal of "Express" from your computer. If you have "Office" installed as
well, (90% of Windows users do) then use the full version of Outlook for
your email. It can be configured to upgrade it's spam filter automatically
and much more if you have a tinker with the settings. There is a great
calendar with programmed reminders and all editing is done in Word. I have
never got a virus using regularly updated versions of Windows and Office.
I always install AVG free virus protection and Microsoft Antispyware (free
to non- pirated Windows version users) and set them for regular automatic

Mozilla is a "browser" which relies on its relatively low rate of usage to
avoid attacks from spammers. (why bother with the spam if you are not going
to catch most users?),  I tried Mozilla and found it worked fine except as
one person discussing this problem found, it won't automatically update
either Windows of Office.

Whilst it is fashionable to sledge Microsoft, their system of constant
updating is unparalleled and if you give it a ride then problems are kept to
a very low level.
Richard Stevens

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