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Some of you might find this interesting...Don Ingle can probably elaborate on this too! Don? Put down your fishing pole, or your snow shovel, and talk about the great George Rock. I've heard a trumpet player do what he does!

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Steven Palinosky writes:

<< Speaking of "unconventional" or maybe "unique" sounds (and style) what's 
name of the cat that played with Spike Jones?  >>

You've heard from a few, undoubtedly by now, that this was the
remarkable George Rock.  There is a DVD "Spike Jones Story" that
is well worth getting.  Lots of playing AND singing.  George sang
"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth".  Truly a great
vaudeville group.  After seeing it, however, I can see parallels
between the personalities of Spike Jones and Buddy Rich: both
were pretty intense people who did not put up with sloppy playing
or slacker attitudes.  Now his music doesn't sound "just" funny.

George Rock's trumpet spit out notes like rounds of a machine gun
shooting carpet tacks - very good tonguing...just don't get too close!

Richard Waddell

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