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Fri Dec 16 05:41:32 PST 2005

Rodeheaver Died 50 Years Ago Sunday......
Go to this address  <BLOCKED::http://www.fgbc-world.blogspot.com/>
http://www.fgbc-world.blogspot.com/  & scroll down until you see a picture
of a man holding his trombone.  This is the story of Homer Rodeheaver,
trombonist & vocalist, who was closely associated with Billy Sunday.
You will recognize Billy Sunday's name from the words of "Chicago" ("the
town that Billy Sunday could not shut down").
Mr. Rodeheaver had a most interesting, musical life, and it is all told in
this article.  Billy Sunday was also a trombonist, and used his horn
constantly during his preaching.  He & Rodeheaver led a choir of up to 2,000
voices at their meetings!
There is a large museum in Winona Lake, Indiana (where most of my family now
lives) on the life of Billy Sunday, and according to this article, another
one on Rodeheaver (which I will most likely visit next time in town).
Winona Lake was the center for Bible studies & summer holidaying (lovely
lake) about 100 yrs ago, and is where B. S. had has headquarters.
A most interesting place to visit, if you're in the neighborhood.  Also, I
can guarantee that you can get special attention for your car's radiator
needs if you're in the area!    :>

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