[Dixielandjazz] Walla Walla

Don jdrobertson at att.net
Tue Dec 13 18:43:16 PST 2005

I was told they named the town Walla, and liked the name so well they
named it again.

BTW, some of our 1952 high school graduation class wore "I Go Pogo"
buttons on our graduation gowns.  Pogo once said, "every new baby born
should be issued a banjo"

Don Robertson

Bob Romans wrote:

> Walla Walla is also the name of a college in Walla Walla, 
> Washington...where one of my ex-college band directors retired! Aren't 
> there famous onions from up that way also?
> Nice name, sort-of just rolls off your tongue...
> Warm regards,
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