[Dixielandjazz] Re: Mardi Gras Beads

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 13 11:26:14 PST 2005

We wait for the "feel". But, we are sure to show that we have beads from the
very first song we play, placing a bunch around the stand, or draped from a
microphone etc., or we drape one of the folks we know in the audience.

One sure fire winner is to play a danceable tune. Then invite everybody to
dance. When they do, go out on the dance floor and drape the women saying.
"If you dance, you get beads."

They'll thank you and ask: Do I have to do anything for them?" From there
it's up to you as to how to proceed. :-) VBG

One thing for sure. You immediately "CONNECT" with the audience.


on 12/13/05 12:48 PM, Bill Biffle at bbiffle at brgcc.com wrote:

> Excellent!  Is there a "usual" spot for this action or do you wait until the
> "feel" in the room is right - and the liquor has flowed the proper amount?
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> From: Steve barbone [mailto:barbonestreet at earthlink.net]
>> Ha, Ha, no, don't throw them. Go out into the audience and gently drape them
>> over the girl's necks while demanding, at the very least a kiss.
>> Or ask the girls to come up and hand them out from the band stand.
>> Sing them a song, etc., or otherwise get them involved in the bead spirit.

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