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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 12 22:14:32 PST 2005

My, my, my! 
Youse Yanks do go on about your Christmas song CDs.
Thanks to Dave Richoux we now have all the words to "Deck Us All With Boston
And we all know, I'm sure, that the great Pogo's creator, Walt Kelly, was a
jazz and Fire House Five + Two fan. (Refer their Good Time Jazz LP 12018 '
FHF+2 Goes South')
Also note the following jazz references in the lyrics to "Deck Us All ....."
posted by Dave:

'Walla Walla.' An obvious reference to pianist Fats Waller.
'Kalamazoo'. Recorded by Glenn Miller Orch on 20 May 1942.
'Louisville Lou'. Recorded by The Broadway Syncopators (May 1922),
Dixie Daises (Nov 1922),  Arthur Gibbs & His Gang (April 1923),  Ladd's
Black Aces (April 1923), Sam Lanin (May 1923), Ted Lewis & His Band (April
1923), Original Indiana Five (April 1923) and several singers at that time.
'Hoola Boola [Dance]'. Recorded by Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools (Feb 1924).
'Pensacoola'. Recorded by Fletcher Henderson (Dec 1925), The Hottentots (Jan
1926), Original Memphis Five (Jan & March 1926).
'Hullabaloo'  Recorded by Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers (July 1930)
'Bow-Wow [Blues]'. Recorded by ODJB (Dec 1921).
'Polly Wolly [Doodle]'. Recorded by Joe Haymes Orch (Dec 1935), Red Norvo
Orch (Jan 1936), The Pied Pipers (June 1939).
'[Trombone] Chollie'. Recorded by Bessie Smith (March 1927).
'Harum Scarum[s]'. Pseudonym used for blues artists Bob Robinson with Meade
Lux Lewis, George Ramsey with Laura Rucker, and a Jane Lucas group with
Georgia Tom & Big Bill Broonzy.
'Hinky Dinky [dink an'] Polly [Parly] Voo'. Recorded by Six Black Diamonds
(July 1924). 
'Double [-bubble, toyland] Trouble'. Recorded by Putney Dandridge (Oct
1935), Joe Haymes Orch (Sept 1935), Red McKenzie (Aug 1935),  Mike Riley -
Eddie Farley & Their Onyx Club Boys.

Kind Regards,
Bill (who loves conspiracy theories!).

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