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Dave and Steve and DJML--
     Amen, brothers.  I grew up in the 1950s reading Pogo and began 
collecting Pogo books.  In high school i more than occasionally 
lapsed into Pogoese, much to the amused despair of my English teacher.
     I've got 22 Pogo books now, plus a couple of rubberized (or 
something) figurines of Pogo and Howland Owl, plus a 1957 LP called 
"Songs of the Pogo", with Walt Kelly himself singing a couple of the 
songs (which he wrote).
     This recording is also available now as a CD, with a nice booklet 
in it, at http://www.parasol.com/labels/reaction/reactcd002.asp (and 
also at Amazon.com).
     You wanna dixieland connection with this?  All right, i'll give 
you a dixieland connection: Walt Kelly and Ward Kimball (FH5+2) were 
very good friends (see 
http://disneyshorts.toonzone.net/artists/wardkimball.html , 
http://disneyshorts.toonzone.net/artists/waltkelly.html , 
     At one point in the mayhem of the last 50 years it occurred to me 
that if i were pressed to name one person i considered a great 
American, the first name i would come up with was Walt Kelly.

>From: David Richoux <tubaman at tubatoast.com>
>Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Good King Wenceslaus was Deck Us All With Boston
>	Charlie
>Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:35:17 -0800
>To: DJML Jazz <dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com>
>For us major Pogo fans, we know the song usually ran:
>>"Good King Sauerkraut, look out!
>>On yo' feets uneven.
>>While the snoo lay roun' about,
>>All kerchoo achievin'."
>There was never any more after that, at which point the following 
>exchange would occur with whatever two characters were present:
>"Gesundheit. Uh, what's 'snoo'?"
>"I dunno. What's new with you?"
>and BTW here is most of "Deck us All:" with several variations.
>>Deck us all with Boston Charlie,
>>Walla Walla, Wash., and Kalamazoo!
>>Nora's freeaing on the trolley,
>>Swaller dollar cauliflower, Alley-Garoo.
>>Don't we know archaic barrel,
>>Lullaby Lilla Boy, Louisville Lou?
>>Trolley Molly don't love Harold;
>>Boola boola Pensacoola, Hullabaloo!
>>Bark us all bow-wows of folly,
>>Polly wolly cracker n' too-da-loo!
>>Hunky Dory's pop is lolly gaggin' on the wagon,
>>Willy, folly go through!
>>Donkey Bonny brays a carol,
>>Antelope Cantaloup, 'lope with you!
>>Chollie's collie barks at Barrow,
>>Harum scarum five alarum bung-a-loo!
>>and possibly:
>>Duck us all in bowls of barley,
>>Hinky dinky dink an' Polly Voo!
>>Chilly Filly's name is Chollie,
>>Chollie Filly's jolly chilly view halloo!
>>Bark us all bow-wows of folly,
>>Double-bubble, toyland trouble! Woof, Woof, Woof!
>>Tizzy seas on melon collie!
>>Dibble-dabble, scribble-scrabble! Goof, Goof, Goof!
>>Tickle salty boss anchovie
>>Wash a wash a wall Anna Kangaroo
>>Ducky allus bows to Polly,
>>Wally would but har'ly do!
>>Dock us all a bowsprit, Solly --
>>Golly, Solly's cold and so's ol' Lou![
>( I spent my formative years reading Pogo - it was so much better 
>than Peanuts! )
>Dave Richoux
>On Dec 12, 2005, at 7:59 PM, Steve barbone wrote:
>>Just in case someone is looking for a secular Christmas song.
>>Good King Sauerkraut Looked out,
>>On his feets uneven . . . etc.
>>by Churchy LaFemme
>>Yes indeed, Walt Kelly had some mind.
>>Steve Barbone
>>PS. "We have met the enemy and they is us." - Pogo

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