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For any and all who  might be interested.

There are still many very bad situations and people in dire need as a 
result of this terrible situation, and they did not all get saved by 
the fact that the Media went away.   The Holidays will be a crushing 
second blow to many of them, especially those with young children.

Some of us can remember when we got a pair of shoes or maybe an orange 
for Christmas  right?     well there are folks in the same position in 
many parts of the gulf coast region right now.

Let us not forget them now or for a long time to come as they try to 
rebuild their lives.


Tom Wiggins

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  I am hoping you can help us spread the word about our Secret Santa 
 to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. 
  We have a database of approximately 500 families who were hit hard by 
  hurricane and are trying desperately to recover. Unfortunately because 
  the heavy destruction most programs that could or would normally help 
  of these families out during the holiday season are not yet back up 
 running to service the community. 
 We created the Secret Santa program to allow potential donors to give 
  directly to a family in need, so donors can know their gift made it 
 into the hands of the people who need it most. 
  All of these families are in need of basic necessities; food, 
 shoes books or toys for younger children. 
 Christmas.FM, a website that specializes in identifying and promoting 
  broadcasters streaming Christmas music online, is sponsoring the 
 Santa Project. 
  Under the program, donors who visit the http://www.Christmas.FM 
website are 
  able to search the database by recipient need (food, clothing, shoes, 
  and toys) and encouraged to adopt a family for the holidays by 
clicking on a 
 link and making a donation to cover the specified needs. 
  The donations will be turned into gift cards and all recipient 
families must 
  show their drivers license to verify identity and sign to acknowledge 
  have received the card. We then follow up with an email back to the 
  to let them know their gift has been delivered to the appropriate 
  Unfortunately we can't help every family that was affected by this 
  tragedy, but if your friends could help us make a difference in the 
lives of 
  some of these 500 people it would be a wonderful thing. We are trying 
  get the donations in as quickly as possible so they can be converted 
to gift 
 cards and immediately distributed. 
 Thank you for your consideration of our project. 

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