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  That's a little harsh but RAP does seem to play into people's 

  TW: Yes it certainly does Larry, just like Dixieland did in the 
beginning, and then the Swing era and then Be Bop, and then Rock & 
Roll, etc. etc. thru all the other forms, and changes in styles of 
music to stay on the CUTTING EDGE and be just different enough to get 
noticed and or promoted into the mainstream society of the masses for 
recording sales.

  LW: This is very in your face medium and any time someone gets in 
another's face about anything it provokes a confrontation where there 
may not have been one in the first place. Rap seems to be an equal 
opportunity offender and goes to great lengths to portray those who 
perform it as being outsiders

  TW: They are OUTSIDERS LARRY, mostly minority youth in the inner 
cities sitting around on the street corners because they can't find all 
those jobs that have been promised to them over and over by countless 
generations of Politicians and Corporate American getting tax breaks 
over and over to provide them and the training for the applicants to 
qualify them. we saw this in the 50,s we saw it again in the 60,s with 
the Black Panthers, the Watts Riots, Symbianese Liberation Army, and 
who remembers how many other loudly protesting groups of militant 
Blacks crying out and often striking out against all the B.S. they keep 
hearing over and over again. While absolutely nothing changes. Except 
for the method and delivery of the protest via music,l which has been 
on the Political cutting edge of Protest since anyone can remember, 

  LW: and therefore "in" so therefore making the listener "in". (classic 
reversal -- Ibaaaad, Ubaaaad, Hebaaaad, Webaaaad etc.) An example is 
Murder Incorporated and its CEO took the name Gotti. The further out 
the more "in" the purveyors of this stuff are and the more money they 

  TW: ABSOLUTELY, they found a need for expression, and a receptive 
audience willing to pay to hear it, which in turn is then either bought 
out or outright stolen once again from them by the major Corporate 
world of not only Music But Television and Movies and Fashion and even 
auto accessories, as in Pimp Mobiles, where do ya'll think Zoot Suits 
came from Straw Boat Dixielanders changing the fashion image of 

 LW: Some white rock bands did this too so it's not something new. 
  Teens have for years been in their parents face over music. It's 
almost a classic rebellion thing.

  TW: Not quite true picture here Larry: If we will all take a moment 
and back up and look at this scenario again , I think we will find it 
was the OTHER way around. The Parents were in the kids faces about the 
music they wanted to listen to , the clothes they wanted to wear, the 
kids they chose to hang out with the books they wanted them to read, 
and on and on to try and make the kids all acceptable clones of our own 
personalities and values.

  Now be truthful, How many of you did exactly what your Parents wanted 
you to do? How quickly we forget :))

  LW: If the parents don't like it then it's "in". There are a lot of 
disenfranchised individuals who want to tell the world to F**k off but 
don't have the nerve to do it so they listen to someone else doing it 
and they can always disclaim it. This is why a lot of it is played with 
the windows rolled down and extremely loud. This way they can say up 
yours but not actually say it. This stuff plays into the split in the 
society and they are making big bucks with it. There are those who 
enjoy and promote this split. 
  LW: There are those who are racists both black and white who like to 
point fingers. Too bad for them.

  Tw: Yes again Larry it is due to pre programming and narrow or closed 
mindedness for the most part and refusing to ACCEPT CHANGE, as in How 
many times did any of us hear our Parents say "DO as I say not as I do" 
Or my father's classic line, " I may not be right but I am never wrong 
boy and don't you ever for get that or I will knock you into the middle 
of next week."

  LW: I will say one thing that if you took out some of the violence, 
and foul language Rap would die overnight. There would be no reason for 
it to exist. 

  TW: Sorry but you missed the issue again Larry, That is simply not the 
case at all, DC Talk took it to the Christian Market and now we have 
Christian RAPPERS (PREACHERS with bass and drums behind them and 
turntables scratching the Devil's records
  ( as in Rock & Jazz) and Holy Hip Hoppers with their sing songy 
versions of the same kind of clean Christian soul savin' lyrics, and 
Roll bands. And all the while screaming and proclaiming the Us 
Christians vs Them ( Secular ) folks unbelieving sinful folks with 
their evil vile abominable music corrupting the minds of our Christian 

  Somebody start the bonfire gimme them rock and Dixieland records, put 
up a Cross and we can all dance around the fire and PRAY EXCEPT for the 
baptist of course and Pentecostal folks who don't Dance or have Sex 
standing up because it might lead to dancing. :))

  Back to my Pew now. While Deacon Romans fleeces the flock and takes up 
the LOVE offering to pay for the gasoline to start the fire and Sister 
Swing gives us a lovely rendition of acceptable not too swingy choir 
music to subvert any sudden uncontrollable urges by the Baptist saints 
to dance, followed by Bro. Steve Bourbons chamber ensemble playing that 
fine old hymn Bringing in the SHEEP BAAAAAA BAAAA.

  Everybody in the game wants to get in on the money generated from all 
of it, Bottom line.

  Bro. Jim Kash would you help Deacon Romans count the offering please. 

 Rev. Tom- Bob

  CDs,Cassettes, DVDs and Video tapes in VHS, PAL and Beta of Rev. Tom 
Bob's sermon today will be available in the vestibule after the service 
for $20.00 each folks, limited editions, Limited to how many of you are 
willing to shell out the $20.00 to get one. Praise de Lawd and Buke da 
Debbile. Get they behind me Bro. Ringwald.

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