[Dixielandjazz] The "E" Word

Don jdrobertson at att.net
Thu Dec 8 18:09:43 PST 2005

According to our members who belong to and are responsible for our 
securing the "lodge" venue, there is some kind of rule of the Elks 
(local I guess)  that we are not to publicize, in writing, the fact that 
we as non "E's" are using their facility.  It is nothing WE as a jazz 
club are doing to be secretive.  We don't want to do anything to 
jeopardize our use of the facility.  As a non "E" I don't know why there 
is this rule, but we don't want to anger the "Big E" and lose our 
venue.  Napa is not that big, it is not hard to find.

There is no prohibition on identifying  the band.  Sorry if I created 
that impression.  We distribute flyers with a complete bio on the 
upcoming two month's bands.   This will be included on a WEB site when 
we figure out how to create one.

"Devil Mountain" will lead you to the jazznut site, but Jim was looking 
for "Friends Of Jazz"

Don Robertson

Jim O'Briant wrote:

>Why the prohibition on saying "Elks' Lodge?"  Other trad jazz clubs tell us
>that that they meet at a particular Elks' Lodge or Moose Lodge.  I agree
>with Dave Richoux on this one -- if someone is trying to attend your club
>for the first time, and they can't find the place, what are the chances
>they'll try again the next month?
>(Kay is sitting here, reading over my shoulder, and she says that leaving
>this information out makes the Jazz Club a more secret society than either
>the Elks or the Moose.)
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