[Dixielandjazz] Animalistic jazz

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Thu Dec 8 15:19:27 PST 2005

Hi all,

Today I did a quick little set of mostly OKOM tunes about (or at  
least supposedly about ) animals:

P S Corporation					Wildcat Blues 	1979			Happy Dixie Lander
John Gill Novelty Orch			My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds now	Smile, Darn Ya
King Oliver						Froggie Moore 1926?				K O
George Olsen					Horses							G O and His Music
Dave Rufner Blue Street			Great Bear Rag 1996				DR and Friends
Dry Throat 5						Piggly Wiggly 1987				My Melancholy Baby
Fletcher Henderson Orch			Black Horse Stomp 1926			F H Dixie Stompers
Original Salty Dogs 				Ostrich Walk						New Orleans Shuffle
10TH Ave J B					Sage Hen Strut 1997				Dixieland for the 21ST
Fog City Stompers				Emu Strut 1998					Here Comes the Fog
Cheap Suit Serenaders			Kiwi Bump 1974					C S Vol 1
Frog Island J B					Alligator Hop 1976				F I J B
Village Stompers					Tie My Kangaroo Down, Sport		Washington Square
Natural Gas J B					The Wombat 2000				Smackarooney
Pioneer Brass					Old Dog Tray 1992				Acres of Clams
Dorsey Brothers					My Dog Loves Your Dog			Best of the Big Bands
Pete Daily Rhythm Kings			Yelping Dog Blues 1947			Jazz Band Ball
Lucia, Ingred & Flying Neutrinos	New Dog Blues					I'd Rather Be in  
New Orleans
Bob Scoby Clancy Hayes			Yellow Dog Blues 1958			B S Raids the Jukebox
Berigan, Bunny					Walkin' the Dog  					I Can't Get Started
Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band,		Jolity Farm						Vol. 1: the Intro
Henry Hall Bbc Dance Orch		An Elephant Never Forgets		It's 5:15 Time  
for Hh
Jordan, Louis					Cat Scratchin'					'Mo' of the Best of
St Louis Ragtimers				Cows May Come and Cows May Go	S L R 1973
Harry Reser						The Cat and the Dog 1928		Banjo Crackerjack
Noble Sissle Intl. Orch			This Ol Ark Is a Moverin' 1934		N S S S
McKinney's Cotton Pickers		Never Swat a Fly 1930			Mk C P 29-30

I could have done the whole 4 hours with just "Dog" jazz but it was  
fun, anyway. There were a lot more I did not get to.
I think "The Wombat" and "This Ol' Ark" were the best of set.

Dave Richoux  The Jazz Parade  KFJC 89.7fm  www.kfjc.org

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