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That's a little harsh but RAP does seem to play into people's prejudices. 
This is very in your face medium and any time someone gets in another's face 
about anything it provokes a confrontation where there may not have been one 
in the first place.  Rap seems to be an equal opportunity offender and goes 
to great lengths to portray those who perform it as being outsiders and 
therefore "in" so therefore making the listener "in".  (classic reversal --  
Ibaaaad, Ubaaaad, Hebaaaad,  Webaaaad etc.)  An example is Murder 
Incorporated and its CEO took the name Gotti.  The further out the more "in" 
the purveyors of this stuff are and the more money they make.  Some white 
rock bands did this too so it's not something new.

Teens have for years been in their parents face over music.  It's almost a 
classic rebellion thing.  If the parents don't like it then it's "in". 
There are a lot of disenfranchised individuals who want to tell the world to 
F**k off but don't have the nerve to do it so they listen to someone else 
doing it and they can always disclaim it. This is why a lot of it is played 
with the windows rolled down and extremely loud.  This way they can say up 
yours but not actually say it.  This stuff plays into the split in the 
society and they are making big bucks with it.  There are those who enjoy 
and promote this split.

There are those who are racists both black and white who like to point 
fingers.  Too bad for them.  I will say one thing that if you took out some 
of the violence, and foul language Rap would die overnight.  There would be 
no reason for it to exist.
Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> Hello all
> An interesting opinion on rap is given by Stanley Crouch (no relation) in
> the booklet accompanying the Archeophone 2CD set "Lost sounds".
> Crouch is quoted as saying to Charlie Rose in July 2005:
> "I call (rap) the new minstrelsy because these people are just updated
> minstrel figures ... satisfying the same fantasies that audiences have
> about black people being primarily animals. Any sub-human projection of
> black people has never been at a loss for an audience - ever."
> Anton
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