[Dixielandjazz] Attracting younger listeners - web solutions

Bigbuttbnd at aol.com Bigbuttbnd at aol.com
Thu Dec 8 10:50:30 PST 2005

One inexpensive solution is to register your own domain (between $8.00 and 
$15.00/year) and have it FORWARDED to your present internet space 
(surfnet/jamie) through a service like NameSecure. Read all about it at www.namesecure.com. 
It works like call forwarding on your phone. Anyone trying to reach your 
domain (i.e., montereyjazz.com) will be sent to your web space (surfnet/jamie). It 
will also forward any email sent to your domain (i.e., info at montereyjazz.com 
can be sent to your present mailbox). Any of these forwardings can be rerouted 
in the future as many times as you like. So if you change web space you still 
can redirect browser calls to your domain at the new space.

To see a working example... go to www.rubyredsband.com. You will end up at 
www.mindspring.com/~rubyredsband/index.html. No one wants to try to remember the 
latter address and no one cares what address is on the final destination site 
as long as it gets where it is supposed to go.

~Rocky Ball
Banjo - webmaster

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