[Dixielandjazz] Rap?

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Tom Wiggins writes on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 3:58 PM
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There is also a new genre evolving called  "Spoken Word"  Artist

They like to recite verse of all kinds with a guitar or piano, percussionist

Hey a great way for Washboardist to get sideman gigs heh?



[TD] Been evolving for a long time. A CD is available of an LP cut in the
'50's called "Jazz In The Cellar" with poetry read with a jazz background .
. . Words by Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Even earlier was the
astounding Lord Buckley and a one man show reprising Buckley's old material
is now playing at 59E59 Theater in Manhattan . . . 
"Nov 25 - Dec 31  His Royal Hipness 
In the Zam Zam Room
Theater C is transformed into The Zam Zam Room as Jake Broder fizzes and
reignites the amazing routines of cult U.S. comic Lord Buckley in a riot of
comedy and live music which has already taken London's Ronnie Scott's Jazz
Club by storm. "


Tom Duncan
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