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Trumpets are made to BLOW not suck as any Trumpet player and Lady would 
want to Kiss knows full well.

Sucking on a Trumpet that has been played much is akin to licking a 
Spitoon!   yhuuuuccckkkk!   Or an Ashtray :))

Now if you Suck on Drums that's a horse of an entirely different color. 


Tom  Who learned a long time ago it's better to suck on drums than a 
trumpet :))

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    > It's similar to the act of clearing your throat while 
playing.......... also
flutter tonguing........... you essentially do a rolling R's motion 
with the

And George Rock of Spike Jones and His City Slickers fame had it off 
including sucks, horse whinnies and other effects.
The master. And lots of examples on the Jones' records.
Very kind regards,

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