[Dixielandjazz] CD Database for Mac

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 4 12:34:24 PST 2005

I have both Access(database) and Excel (spread sheet). Like Dave Littlefield,
I like to be able to see the whole set of info at once without writing little programs to
collect it from multiple tables. To set up a database in true database fashion,
you should be using multiple tables. -- As a result, I use the spreadsheet program
and find it a very satisfactory "database". If I were still using Lotus products
as Dave does, I'd probably be using 1-2-3 in a similar fashion to how I use Excel.
In either case, you can usually read a spread sheet into a database program
if you really want to use that kind of technology, later..
Not sure what spreadsheet program you have on a Mac, but try it.

Craig Johnson

On 12/4/2005 2:14:10 PM, Dan Augustine (ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu) wrote:
> Rae Ann and DJML--
> I've been using FileMaker Pro on my Mac for years and wouldn't
> use anything else.  It's very easy to use (i still haven't figured
> out Access on my PC) and you can customize it any way you want for
> your needs.  You can include graphics also.  I also use it to make my
> CD jewel-case inserts.
> Downside: yeah,
> it's expensive ($299).  But i also use it for my
> beerlist (over 1,000 and still counting), my list of books i've
> read,
> my business-cards, mutual funds, highschool classmates, address book,
> etc. Check it out at http://www.filemaker.com/
> Dan
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> >Hi listees,
> >Does anyone know of a database program, other than Hypercard, that
> >works with Mac?
> >TIA,
> >    ~   Rae Ann
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