[Dixielandjazz] Looking for a decent solo trombone

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Dec 4 11:19:18 PST 2005

Steve Pendelton asked about trombones......

Steve, go into a well stocked brass shop & try horns out.  I'm a firm
believer in a horn being a very personal thing.  You have your own way of
playing, and your own demands on the horn.  Just make sure it has a nice,
fast slide.  That's not an easy matter to find out when trying out a new
horn, as the slide will not be broken in, nor will it necessarily be
"greased up" properly.  Trigger?  Why?  Unless you play symphonic.  The
extra weight is going to be a drag.  

I played a Conn Constellation for the first half of my professional life.
Then, their slides got cheap (not just a statement, but backed by real
knowledge about what went on in the factory!), and I tried the Japanese copy
of the horn, the Yamaha YSL691.  I don't know why they use those silly
numbers instead of a model name that would be easier to remember! 

Been with that one ever since. Amazing slide.  Weak point:  maybe a bit
lacking in "biggness" in the really low range.  Nevertheless, perfect for
me.  Maybe not perfect for you.  Try it out!

I've bought horns from Giardinelli, which used to be a brass shop in NYC,
but is now just on the internet.  www.giardinelli.com  They give good
discounts.  Ship by UPS or FedEx within the States.

Good hunting, 

Jim Kash 

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