[Dixielandjazz] Anything Can Be Anywhere

Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Dec 3 20:33:49 PST 2005

     Aw, all right, i'll tell you (i've been trying NOT to write this 
for half an hour).
     I finally got around to listening to an LP i bought at Half-Price 
Books here in Austin a couple of weeks ago for $2.98.  Wasn't 
expecting much, although the personnel was excellent: Pee Wee Erwin 
on trumpet, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Vic Dickenson on trombone, 
Claude Hopkins on piano, George Wettling on drums, and Milt Hinton on 
bass.  Interestingly enough, the LP was still in shrink-wrap (which i 
don't think i believe could possibly be the original; but why would 
they redo it?).
     LP is called _The Golden Era of Dixieland Jazz, 1886-1937_ (yeah, 
well, what flack came up with THOSE dates?), on Design Records SDLP 
38 (stereo, it says, but this was made in 1957 and the 'stereo' keeps 
cutting out).
     Anyhow, i've played side A 4 times now, and side B three times, 
and i think i'll play 'em a couple more times.  GREAT stuff!  I've 
heard Pee Wee Erwin and the others before, of course, but this was a 
great session.  As the unidentified liner-notes writer says, "The 
sessions took place at four in the morning, after the boys came off 
their regular jobs."  Now i've got to get some more Pee Wee Erwin 
albums (www.gemm.com has some, but you have to keep at it to find 
     Now i guess i'll have to quit listening to this and listen to the 
George Lewis _On Stage_ LP ($2.98), and then the Pete Fountain 
_Crescent City_ LP (only $1.98), that i bought at the same time.  I 
may have to go out and get another six-pack . . .
     Hey, anything can be anywhere!

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**      to play like yourself."  --  Miles Davis

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