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Robert S. Ringwald wrote:

> When I was a kid, my grandmother loved (I mean, looooved) Bing 
> Crosby.  She thought that a curse word would never pass his lips.
> Someone got a hold of a flexible record (this was in the days of 78's) 
> and gave it to her as a present, of what was supposed to be an outtake 
> that someone smuggled out of the recording studio.  Who knows, it 
> could have been done on purpose as a gag.
> Anyway, the song was "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams."  During the song, 
> Bing sings "They left out 8 bars the dirty bastards."
> My grandmother, who was very religious, was very disappointed in Bing.
> has anyone else ever heard this version?
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No - but Spike Jones had a relases of  a take on By the Sea that had to 
be pulled back, since the guys sang a parady line and it went by the 
booth and they pressed nearly 500 before someone caught it. I know what 
the riske' line was but my E lips are  sealed.
Of  course there is the Carmichael record of Barnicle Bill when Venuti 
added a naughty word, but because the record quality was so low at that 
time that it didn't get caught until years later they came up with hi-fi 
These things happen more than we know but are usually caught -- but not 
always, so poor Granny Ringwald got her ears scorched!
Don Ingle

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