[Dixielandjazz] Stolen tunes

Mike mike at railroadstjazzwest.com
Sat Dec 3 09:17:48 PST 2005

I wasn't aware Ory stole tunes. Can you explain this a little further?


Barrie Walter Marshall wrote:
> There has been a recent thread about Kid Thomas stealing a tune and turning it into Algiers Strut (thanks Mr Thomas).
> W C Handy stole tunes as I am sure Ory did, but he mainly used traditional stuff, if they had not done this they would have been lost in the mists of time, I was just wondering if it would be interesting to compile a list of stolen or re-used tunes or tunes put into another tune....has anybody got any?
> In folk music the oral tradition was and still is strong people using and adapting tunes and words the classic being Bob Dylan who did it a lot.
> I will start with a basic one
> O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree)   Maryland
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