[Dixielandjazz] Cheap Bookers

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I believe they currently refer to it as Jam Groove Band improv.

A Far Cry from Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band
or even Paul Schaffer on Letterman.


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   At 02:45 PM 12/02/05 -0500, larrys.bands at charter.net wrote:
>Steve: This tactic works with guys that want to build up their resume 
>with young musicians.  I listen to the bands on Jay Leno and IMO they 
>uniformly terrible.  I have thought that surely they, the bands, must 
>paying to get on his show.  Some have told me that they are paid but 
if so I
>bet it's a pittance.

Hate to tell ya, Larry, but the Leno mucous acts are usually nationally 

And I wanna know what that stuff is that Kevin's band plays after Leno's
monologue...such an unplesant contrast to Conan O'Brien's Max Weinburg 


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