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Hi All...
This is from Tommy Loy's daughter in Dallas...anyone in that area might be interested!
Warm regards,
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Because I play trumpet, I envy no one.

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Good Morning - 

Thought you all might want to know that Dallas Christian Jazz Band will be playing at North Park in front of the fountain this Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m.  Here's a message I received from Mike Magers, one of Dad's trumpet buddies.  Have
a great day!  Love, Lindi

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  Hi Lindi:

  Just in time, because we are actually playing on Sunday at 1pm.  I think there is an email alert thing on the website for events like this.  Let me forward your address to Mark McKenzie of the group.  I am sorry that I did not think to do this earlier.  This date has been set for a while and I just failed to send out an email on my own.

  Mike -

  I was wondering when the DCJB will be appearing in concert at North Park mall for the annual hour long concert.  I would love to attend so let me know at your convenience so I can put it on my calendar.  


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