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Bob Romans wrote:

> Hi Minister!
> Look on Ebay for a good used French Selmer!! Can't go wrong! Believe 
> it or not, once in awhile they come up for around $400...
> Warm regards,
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>> A question for my trumpet tooting colleagues:
>> I have a friend who is learning trumpet and is looking for a new 
>> American
>> made trumpet that will last him well into his performing life. He 
>> would like
>> to spend up to $300-$400. Can anyone recommend a source for such a horn,
>> and/or a make and model? Finding trumpets in Israel is like pulling 
>> teeth. A
>> new Jupiter costs $400.
>> I am a relatively new player, and I tend to deal in used low-end 
>> horns. I
>> would appreciate some pointers on what to look for in a "high 
>> quality" horn,
>> new or used, aside from the name. We found a used King 600 in 
>> Jerusalem for
>> $400, but it was pretty used, and I found a bunch of that make and model
>> number for less on eBay. The problem is getting them here!
>> Anyway, your help would be appreciated.
>> Elazar
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Getzen makes very good brass, especially there Eterna cornet, and their  
trumpets have always been good - especially the older Severinsen model 
trumpets (I have one) which Doc had a hand in designing and used for 
many years, You may find one on eBay or other sources used and 300-400 
bucks for one in good shape would be a good buy.
I agree with Bob Roman that a French Slemer would be a good choice (had 
one for a number of years) but I would look for the Keith-modified (K 
Model) version  as the straigtht off the line trumpets had a brittle 
soound, and the K-modifed  added a wamrth and fatness to the sound more 
in keepig with ourAmerican tastes in jazz.
Yamaha makes good brass - the ones sold here are assembled from parts 
made in japan but put together by American brass makeres in Grand 
Rapids, Michigan and have a good reputation.  Even their student line 
horns play pretty well.
Older Conns, Holtons, Olds,  and other American made trumpets, depending 
on the model and bore, had good reputation. Red Nichols played Olds for 
years, made in Culve City, CA.
The only sure way to know is to be able to play one - difficult to do 
from a distance. But hope this will help your friend make some kind of 
decision that pans out for him.
Happy Chanakuh ahead,
Don Ingle

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