[Dixielandjazz] Re: Algiers Strut -- are there lyrics?

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 1 21:56:02 PST 2005

Dear Jim,
This subject was discussed as recently as September this year.
The answer is yes.
But they were not written by Kid Thomas Valentine when he 'wrote' the tune
in about 1954. 
Listmate Brian Towers wrote "There are no lyrics for Algiers Strut but Kid
Thomas lifted the melody from a Christmas song entitled "You're All I Want
For Christmas".
I then mentioned that the recording by the Dutch Circus Square Jazz Band has
a vocal listed.
DJMLer Gerard Bielderman followed up with: "Yes, there are lyrics to the
Algiers Strut recording by the Dutch Circus Square Jazz Band. I'm playing
the record just now. It goes like this:
Let's march to Algiers
let's do the Algiers strut.
We'll march together,
even better,
let us be the second line.
We'll parade to Algiers,
do the Algiers strut.
Let's have a good time,
drink a bottle of
good beer or wine!
Composer credits are: Valentine - J. van Hulten, so probably cornet player
Van Hulten wrote the lyrics. I'll ask him!"

Don Robertson also entered into the discussion with:
"The only lyrics I ever heard for Algiers Strut were written and sung by
the late Joe Bithel, leader and washboard player with the Silicon Gulch
Jazz Band, here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Joe loved to sing, and
if the tune didn't have words, he would write them.  Sadly, Joe died of
a heart attack last winter, having just finished singing with a jam
group at a house party.
I remember hearing him sing Algiers Strut at Sacramento a couple of
years ago with Uptown Lowdown from Washington.  He asked leader Bert
Barr if he could sit in and sing.  When It was over Bert said "I didn't
know Algiers Strut had words".  Joe replied "it does 'cause I wrote
'em".  Unfortunately, I don't remember what they were."

Kind regards,

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