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Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Thu Dec 1 02:27:37 PST 2005

I've never read of anyone else doing this, but when I have a song with negative
[ in today's world ] words, I freely substitute acceptable words.

For example,  I would make the following substitutions

word:  darkies:                  substitute:     ladies

word:  high brown            substitute:     high class

word:  bon bon                substitute:    good guy

Russ Guarino
Clarinet Maverick

Bill Haesler wrote:

> Dear Tony,
> I can't verify that the words to the verse of "Black Bottom" hereunder come
> from the original sheet music, but this is what I have.
> There are variations to what you posted.
> I have checked the version below against the Annette Hanshaw recording, and
> they is identical.
> Now, who did the transcription you gave?
> And had he/she been drinking?
> 8>)
> "Black Bottom" (1926. Ray Henderson, music - Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown,
> lyrics)
> Oh the black bottom of the Swanee River
> Sometimes liked to shake and shiver
> But it makes the darkies feel like strutting around
> By watching
> They found a way to imitate it
> I know they exaggerate it
> But I wish that you could see the dance that they found
> Ev'ry high-brown gal and her bon-bon buddy
> Go down where the flats are muddy
> To do a step that soon will be renowned.
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