[Dixielandjazz] Re: Marsalis was Another NY TIMES Jazz Review

Mark Bauer jazz_trombone at axint.net
Sun Oct 31 12:04:10 PST 2004

He actually believes first and foremost that it parallels the "black" 
experience. Jazz was not really universally considered "American" until 
more and more white musicians became involved. Those are Wynton's words 
not mine that he made on a documentary.

Steve barbone wrote:
> Hi Arn: 
> I'm with you, he does lean towards sociopolitical context with many
> presentations and no doubt believes that "Jazz" is tied to America's life
> experience. The Ken Burns program and book make that pretty clear. (The book
> [and Marsalis] also pays jazz homage to ODJB, NORK, B.G., Jack Teagarden,
> and a host of white musicians.) I also agree with Edward Rothstein's
> article.

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