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Very cool trip.  I've done a couple Queen tours and met some really good
house musicians.  I didn't like sleeping almost in the engine room though.

I learned a couple of new terms on my tours.
Bag Drags - The paid escort dancers for the many ladies on board.  Kind of
like the Jack Lemmon movie.
Q tips - Term for the passengers - white on top and bottom

Check out the theater late at night - That's where the crew parties - They
were doing Rocky Horror Picture Show On Saturday midnight complete with

Great food about 10 o'clock on the balcony above the paddle wheel bar.  All
the passengers are long gone by then.

Band guys are welcome to the buffets but eat in the crew mess down somewhere
in the bottom of the boat.  Even that food is OK

Super hot dogs on the stern deck.  I get heartburn just thinking about them.

The gift shop will discount to you if you are in the band.

We only did a two hour gig and then it was vacation time.
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To DJML Listees:

We're putting the finishing touches on the promotional launch of our 2005
New Orleans Jazz and Steamboatin' Adventure with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band
and friends. We thought we would contact all of you a few days in advance of
the Jazz Me News November 1st announcement so as to give you first crack at
the choicest cabins aboard the American Queen.

Here is a link to the online brochure:


We now have the fax-back reservation/enrollment form online here:


As you can see, the dates for the 2005 event are October 26th through 31st,
2005. There are only minor detail changes for this trip-we will be staying
at the historic Hotel Monteleone and we will wind up with a slightly
different Club Crawl itinerary. But we will again begin our Club Crawl at
Preservation Hall.

The "Natchez" will go out this time instead of staying at the wharf for the
Mini-Festival. Duke Heitger, who put the last one together, is talking about
inviting some more bands to perform with us.

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band will be performing in the main ballroom of the
American Queen for one of the on-board sessions.

The rest of the trip will be substantially the same, barring unforeseen
circumstances. Of course, by a year from now, Jim and the Band will have
lots of new old music to play for you.

The prices on the brochure are only slightly higher than last time, mostly
because we are going this time in October instead of July (and hopefully
enjoy some cooler weather!). We will also be using a different travel
insurance company.

One more change: please note a new phone number to fax your reservation:
210-684-9166. Also, a new address to send in your deposit by mail: c/o Don
Mopsick, 8416 Star Creek Dr., San Antonio, TX 78251-2331.

Many thanks to Mr. Blair Weaver, who allowed us to use his fine photos from
the last trip for our current brochure.

We were very happy to receive so many messages and letters of appreciation
about the last trip from so many of you.  Let's do it again! As Jim says,
"As we proved last year, this is about as much fun as you can have! See you
in October!"

Don Mopsick

Riverwalk Webmaster and Bass Driver



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