[Dixielandjazz] Re: Help please!

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Thu Oct 28 13:37:07 PDT 2004

Re. "Bart Hickox": 
I believe you mean Barker Hickox  (Arizona Jazz Soc.)
His e-mail: <Barker4258 at aol.com>

According to Barker, he gave the masters of the WGJB recordings to George
Buck at Jazzology.

From: "Robert S. Ringwald" <robert at ringwald.com>
I received the following e-mail from Floyd Levin.  Can anyone on DJML help
him?  If so, please reply directly to him.
--Bob Ringwald

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From: <FloydLevin at aol.com>
> Dear Bob,   I am trying to locate Bart Hickox, who produced the LPs by the
> World's Greatest Jazz band during the '70s and/or the name of the current
> owner
> of that material. I need similar information regarding the WGJB LPs on
> Project
> 3. Is it possible that someone on the DJML might be able to provide that
> information?  I would greatly appreciate that data. Thanks, and best
> wishes, Floyd

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