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> .  Certainly a jazz history lecture with a band doing 
> demonstrations has its place and would attract people that want to see that. 
>  But if I'm going to a concert, I want to hear music.  Any explaining 
> should be done in the program for those interested.

Yes indeed it does Rob:

The class room and in a Workshop situation, and maybe even in a museum or 
library performance which are the time and place for such and will attract 
anaudience of those who wish to approach music that way.

In a concert where people paid to Hear and See music, and be Entertained, 
that is what they shoudld get, not a boring disertation on the historics of an 
obscure instrument or rhythm pattern,  Just play the damned thing and turn em 
on,  and either they like it or they don't, if they do they will applaud and 
cheer, if not they will throw rotten fruit and vegetables at you without even 
thinking about being Politically correct.  :))

Can you imagine a Washboard player or Kazoo player doing a lecture in Lincoln 
Center and going on and on about the cultural values of the instrument and 
melodic sounds it is capable of producing.   I would opt for the Rotten 
Watermelon stand out front to make my money.  :))

I see it now:  Washboard Hits of the 20th century recorded live at Lincoln 
Center, limited edition release $1,000.00 donation requested to the fund for 
eccentric instruments historical society Inc.

Musical content:   "Watermelon Man"  Cannonball Adderly/ Herbie Hancock


Tom Wiggins

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