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>   Your point is well-taken,but I am afraid you can't get your car fixed on a 
> dvd,cd,lp or 78.  Must be DEMAND......and supply.    al   singer
> Correct Al:

Which is why some of us keep preaching about promoting your band and self to 
create a DEMAND,  there is no short supply of good players, quite the 
opposite, there is a glut, but many simply do not know how to go create or find the 
work that is sitting there right in front of their house or library, or chamber 
of commerce, or shopping center or the middle of the street at an arts and 
crafts festival or wine and arts festival.

If more groups got out and performed in public where the PEOPLE are they 
could soon create a Demand for their music and bands and find themselves working 
for decent money again.  Some of us are doing it.

The market for OKOM left the clubs years ago, but the audience did not all 
die YET they are just not going to bars anymore in the numbers that they used to 
and most do not party as hardy as they used to do.  The young folks are still 
going to the bars because they just discovered them and are out every night 
raising the hell that most of us Used to raise.     

There is also no question that they would raise it with OKOM if we worked 
harder to get it to where they go, I saw a little old lady dancing by herself in 
a club the other night to an OKOM band and about ten beautiful young ladies in 
the club got up and went over to where she was and learned her dance moves in 
one song.  For the next two hours they and their friends were really digging 
the music and had their own dance floor activity going for the rest of the 
night.  Surprise of the night they did not treat the music as Old folks fuddy 
duddy stuff and run off to a disco down the street three doors down, but stayed 
there all night and drank and danced to OKOM.

The best part of the night was seeing the glee and excitement in their eyes 
as they embraced a new kind of music and realized how much fun it really was, 
and the band got a whole new group of groupies.

CDs and Dvds, and Records don't sell themselves, PEOPLE DO , and you would be 
surprised to know some of the things I have traded CDs and records for in the 
past 25 years. 

 Gotta go where the People are bottom line, have confidence that you have a 
good product and project it and sell it, there is no shortage of consumers, 
however there is a large and varied supply of music for them to choose from.  If 
we do not promote and market ours of course they will not buy it.   The market 
does not stand still, it is constantly moving with revolving hordes of 
consumers waiting to discover your product and purchase them.


Tom Wiggins
I threw the word CAN'T out of my vocabulary many years ago,

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