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> was a home builder in a former life and once during an examination a
> neurosurgeon spent 15 mins. Or so asking me about the new house he was
> having built.  At the end of the discussion, I said, "I assume that my fee
> for this consultation will be reflected in your charges today.".  He took
> $55 off the bill - and that was in the late 1970s!
> DJML content "'Taint What You Do It's How You Do It".
> Bill Biffle

Hi Bill:

Information is the most valuable commodity on earth, why is it musicians 
mostly give it away both orally and musically to an audience of non musicians who 
wish they could be musicians?

We are almost all willing to share our talent and knowledge to anybody who 
will listen whether or not they are willing to pay for it.  Most of them would 
be willing, but for some reason many of us just refuse to ask for the money.

If we continue to do so we will see in the not too distant future that music 
is indeed worth what too many charge for it, Nothing or next to nothing.  We 
have lost our professional respect in the marketplace.

In California a Plumber comes to my house and charges $134.00 an hour  

The Doctor down the street says he makes about $800.00 an hour after the 
hospital and  insurance company takes their cut out of his bill.

The Lawyer next door gets $300.00 an hour, and is not half the liar of most 
of my musician friends :))

Auto mechanics charge $85.00 an hour

Electrician gets. $100.00 an hour

Guy to take out a tree trunk  gets.  $75.00 an hour

Guy to cut down a 60' tree gets $1,200.00 for about 4 hours of work.  (Three 

The illegal alien gardeners around here are making $25.00 to $50.00 an hour 
while their wives are doing house cleaning in the same neighborhood for $100.00 
a day  CASH, 

A Five to Seven piece Dixieland Band around here gets about $350.00 for a 
three hour gig once a week if they are lucky, the bartender makes more than that 
in tips plus his salary.
What bothers me the most is when I hear them bragging that they have had the 
gig for ten or fifteen years.  Mind you this is a good band, many others make 

Many rock bands pay to play in a club, and if they don't sell any tickets to 
pay themselves and make a profit for the club they don't get to play there 

I listen to OKOM CDs while I repair my own toilets, light fixtures, paint my 
house, repair my cars, take care of the 1/2 acre of landscaping, pruning 
trees, cleaning the house, walking the dog, I am ready to retire and just play OKOM 
how do I do it ???  :))

Don't think I could support my lifestyle and be competitive in the OKOM 
market, I am however thinking of turning my home into a retirement home for OKOM 
players so I can have free live music when I retire, and maybe I can charge my 
neighbors for listening, might even be able to pass a tax law on the city to 
support it. :))  ha ha.


Tom Wiggins

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