[Dixielandjazz] Comics, Jazz, Lincoln Center Acoustics in one review.

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Mon Oct 25 02:25:06 PDT 2004

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<< They should after all keep it REAL lest they actually turn Jazz into 
Classical music played to more tuxedos in the audience than on the stage.  
SHHUUSSH  No talking in the Library of Jazz.  No fun allowed here go to the 
joint if you wanna get rowdy after the performance of Opus 187,  this club is 
for expensive and  Serious Jazz. >>


Hear! Hear! We keep agreeing! To me jazz is predominantly entertainment 
rather than the sort of 'Art' which must demand clinical silence and respect. More 
harm has been done to jazz by the 'arts followers' than anything else. Not 
just OKOM but the modern styles have lost more audience through being turned into 
some 'art' which only those in the 'know' can understand. These 'arts' people 
tend to look down their long noses at anyone who say "I don't know much about 
it but I like it - it's fun" because the 'commoners' do not appreciate the 
finer nuances of the music. 

Jazz is a true music of the people!



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