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Sun Oct 24 09:15:58 PDT 2004

Just in case you are in the area. ;-) VBG
This promo went out to about 500 of our faithful.

Yes, we'll be draping Mardi Gras beads over all those dressed as "Eve". Plus
trying something new, in keeping with the event theme. As many of you know,
one of our audience connection devices is playing up our Italian Roots when
introducing the musicians. Always gets a big hand. We now have some sheer,
green, bikini panties imprinted with: "Love Those Italians" to pass out and
expect them to be a huge hit also.

Now that's a switch, the band throwing panties to gals in the audience.

Ah, to be jazz musician sex symbols at age 70. It just doesn't get any
better than that. Hug a jazz musician, they never get to dance. :-) VBG.

Steve Barbone

Fans, Friends, Clients,

If you are in the area, don't miss this Halloween Costume, benefit party. It
has been one of THE HIGHLIGHTS of the Philadelphia Social Scene for decades
and the 2004 event is sure to raise the bar even higher.

This type of event is where JAZZ was meant to be played. Based upon advance
ticket sales, expected attendance is 3500 costumed or Tux & Gown revelers.

Barbone Street was chosen because, according to event organizers, we are the
most popular jazz band in the PA, NJ, DE area. We very much appreciate what
our friends, fans and clients have done for us to make it all possible.

Thank you.

Steve Barbone

111 South Independence Mall East Philadelphia, PA 19125 10/30/04

Drawing on the environmental influences of Center City Philadelphia, the
theme for the 2004 Beaux Arts Ball is Urban Eden: Gritty, Green and
Gorgeous. One of the region's biggest and best, not-to-be-missed parties,
the Ball will be held at the National Constitution Center on October 30th,
2004 at 9 PM.

Considering Philadelphia as an Urban Eden in itself, attendees are
encouraged to dress in their most sinful, tempting, or glamorous
"creations." If not in black tie, let your imagination run wild with gritty,
green and gorgeous costumes fit for an Urban Eden setting.

While Adam and Eve's minimal attire was a reflection of the pleasures and
temptations of their Garden of Eden, let the backdrop of this year's theme,
Urban Eden be your inspiration. Whether it be a gritty outfit representing
the city's darkest sinful secrets, a green get-up emblematic of our
neighborhoods' softer landscapes, or a gorgeous portrayal of urban
tranquility and vision, leave the final decision up to the creator, sinner,
or pleasure seeker within. Prizes will be awarded to most creative costumes.

Give into temptation at this year¹s Beaux Arts Ball. Get lost in an Urban
Eden, gritty, green and gorgeous. Holding the long-standing tradition of
providing only the best in music and entertainment, this year the Beaux Arts
Ball introduces an emerging artist venue, featuring The Barbone Street Jazz
Band. Philadelphia¹s up and coming musicians will rock this sinful paradise.
Don¹t miss this exclusive event. Let your temptations take you where you
wish. Tickets are $75 a piece, and can be purchased online.

Ball Festivities Start at 9:00 PM, ending at 3 :00 AM. ($75 ticket)
Dance to The Barbone Street Jazz Band, one of the area's hottest bands,
imbibe most tempting nectars, graze on gourmet greens, then rejuvenate
yourself in our urban oasis of oxygen bars and hydro-massages. Create a
costume based on the Urban Eden theme and register to win a prize.

Salon Ticket ( $250) includes 7:30 pm admission to Pre-Ball Sponsors Party.
You will be in our "World Cafe" which is actually the NCC restaurant. Mingle
amongst intimate courtyards and lush paths, enjoy the sounds of The Barbone
Street Jazz Band, sip green apple martinis and key lime margaritas, and
sample an array of succulent hors d'oeuvres.

Admission: $ 75.00 Ball Festivities from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM
           $250.00 Sponsor Party 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

FOR TICKETS CALL 215-569-3186

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