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Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Oct 24 00:28:33 PDT 2004

I asked: What musicians used the nickname "Get Happy" during in the 1920s
and 1930s?

Thank you for your thoughts and creative solutions, about a musician who
named himself "Get Happy". In fact I am trying to solve a puzzle about the
name of a musicians / band leader that played during the early 1930s in the
"Happy Rose" 1650 Broadway in New York. Durium made a recording with a band
called "The Happy-Rose Orchestra" that was probably the house band of the
restaurant/ club with the same name. On the same label the band is also
referred to as < "Get Happy" and his Orchestra  For Your Party > , so I
hoped that maybe some of the list members put their think-cap on and could
tell me what musician - band leader used the name "Get Happy". Well I'm sure
it isn't Ted Lewis "Is Everybody Happy ...? ". One of the members of the
band was recognized as Tommy Dorsey and a vocal trio is on the recording
too. This very rare durium record, although not a regular Hit of the week
recording, will be part of the first 2CD of Archeophone ( ARCH 3002)
"Complete Hit of the week Recordings volume 1 that will be issued next
month. (
5a38287933fea49e802c69639ae05cc ). The complete series will contain four
2CDs and the other 2CDs will be released later.
For more information according the "Happy-Rose" recording see my online
discography  ( http://members.lycos.nl/keepswinging/durium4.htm ) (scroll
down for the last item)

Have a good Sunday !!

TIP for today:

Indian Love Call - Leo Reisman Orchestra ( 24 Oct. 1924)

Keep swinging
Hans Koert
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