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> Danceable jazz that swings is, in a nutshell, the key. Those jazz bands
> and/or venues that provide it can't help but prosper.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

There are always GOOD Gigs for GOOD Musicians and Bands, there simply is no 
Substitute for Quality.   They are harder and harder to find and get because of 
the glut of gargage bands working for next to nothing and constantly lowering 
the standards of music to the mind set of the garage band promoters who only 
want cheap music so they can charge cheap prices to the cheapest so called 
music lovers in the world.

If we allow them to keep going in that direction soon we shall have the 
wonderful benefits of Socialized Music, now won't that be "Fine and Dandy"  we will 
all be equal and paid a gallon of gas and a beer and a hot dog for our 

I ain't doin' it for the ART, I can't afford to, I do it for a living and to 
pay my artistic Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Teachers, Professors, Senators, 
Congressmen, Presidents, Soldiers, Air Line Pilots etc.  not to mention my 
sidemen and CD pressing plant.

I am always happy to do it for ART's Sake  if some wealthy Patron wants to 
Commission my show to play at their Estate for their Daughters Wedding at the 
same Honorarium as my International Concert Fee.   I do Charities and 
fundraisers for the same Fee.   I have always ran an equal opportunity Orchestra, the 
more money you pay me the more equal we become.


Tom ( Leonardo) Wiggins
Off to cut off my ear now. 

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