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<< Rafael

Viñoly's new design for Jazz at Lincoln Center has a cool ethereality that

lifts it above the mediocrity of its setting. It's a reminder that some

experiences become more intimate when they are shared in full public view. >>

How come architecture critics seem to write even more pretentious bollocks 
than jazz critics?
Have read the articale I do get the impression that he is not too keen on the 
Time-Warner shops and restaurants underneath.
It would be far more useful for anyone attending an event in the place if Mr 
OUROUSSOFF could have commented on the acoustic properties, whether there were 
enough loos (male and female) to cater for the usual interval rush, what the 
wheelchair access was like and maybe even the place was properly signposted so 
that you ended up in the right concert room and maybe even seat plus other 
'real' issues without waffling on about the aesthetic values and other such 
crap. What the hell does it matter what sort of views one gets (to quote,"At 
night, the view dissolves into a spectacular series of overlapping images. A soft 
curtain of light descends over the stage, evoking veil-like clouds of smoke." ) 
if the music sounds like it is being played in a tim can and you have to 
spend the entire interval standing in a queue for the urinals with your legs 

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