[Dixielandjazz] Trombones

maggie maggief at comcen.com.au
Wed Oct 20 10:50:43 PDT 2004

In what has been posted about the dangers of trombones there has been no 
mention whatsoever of the deadly cousin. I am of course referring to that 
most diabolical instrument the slide trumpet. Relatively cheap, the owners 
smuggle them into places of entertainment and because of the size nobody 
realises what is in the case. If you have ever seen an evil smile it is an 
innocent grin compared to expression of the one  on the face of the owner (I 
wont say player) of one of these creations as he opens the case and gets it 
If the words "Cornet Chop Suey" or "Orys' Creole Trumpet" are spoken then the 
band is really in trouble.
One thing I have noticed is that these people as well as playing real trumpets 
usually have harmonicas hidden in their cases.
There is one thing worse than the above  (yes there is!) and that is an agony 
hook player who puts a soprano  mouthpiece on on of these things and mentions 
Sidney Bechet to try and legitimise what he or she is about to do.
Any little old lady who comes up to the band to say she liked the 'thing' is 
sure to be the mother of the perpetrator.
Adrian Ford
Sydney Oz

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