[Dixielandjazz] The cats out of the bag!!

Randy Fendrick jfendrick at bak.rr.com
Mon Oct 18 12:44:18 PDT 2004

Actually that has been going on for years in rock circles.  In LA, for 
instance, the owner of a club will charge the up and coming (?) Rock or 
Country Band X dollars to play.  The band then sells the tickets to 
their fans (friends and relatives, etc) and everyone is happy.  I am 
afraid that many of our Rock colleagues don't understand the concept.  
Now that I think about it, the same concept works for many of OKOM 
bands that play cruises, they get a discount to go on the cruise and 
play music.  A discount is not the same as being paid for your 
contribution to the profits that the cruise company makes.  Again they 
don't understand the concept.  Gene Bolen, who many of you know, used 
to call these OKOM bands "Tee Shirt" bands.  They would print up their 
tee shirts, play for free or for a reduced fee and sell their tee 
shirts to crack their nut.  HMMMMM!
I was trained to be a professional and while the market has shrunk and 
the fees have not kept up with inflation, I still refuse to compromise 
my values in that we charge for what we do.  The electric company 
doesn't give the electricity away to power my Ipod.  The gas companies 
don't give away their products, as we, in California, are now paying 
$2.50 a gallon and my wife's Chevron stock has gone through the roof, 
as they are making obscene profits and not a word from the traveling 
"White House."  Again, HMMMMM!


> Oh my, the cat is out of the bag. Now it's just a question of time 
> before US
> OKOM Festivals charge the bands for the privilege of playing. :-) VBG.
Randy Fendrick,
Southside Chicago Seven
Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra

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