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Don Kirkman donkirk at covad.net
Sun Oct 17 14:23:49 PDT 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:14:50 +0200, Dick Sleeman wrote:

>Perry Como had a hit in 1945 with "Till the end of time", based on the Polonaise no. 6 in A flat major by Chopin.
>Della Reese had a hit in 1959 with "Don't you know", Musetta's waltz song from "La Bohème" by Puccini - and in 1980 she had an LP with 12 tunes, based on classical compositions by well-known composers like Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Ketelbey: "The Classical Della" (RCA INTS 5046).

>In all these cases the original composition and componist was mentioned; I know of at least two where this was not so: "A Lover's Concerto" by the Village Stompers, based on the "Menuet in G" from "Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach" by Johann Sebastian Bach, and "The Lamp Is Low", played by Bobby Hackett with strings on the LP "A Time For Love", which is based on Ravel's "Pavane pour une infante défunte".

And in about the same time frame "Tonight We Love" had a lot of air
play; one of Tchaikovsky's preludes, IIRC (trying to get off the system
so not looking it up for now).
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