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Trevor Tomasin trevor at clevedonjazzclub.co.uk
Sun Oct 17 08:10:51 PDT 2004


On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 Steve Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net> , in 
response to my posting about 'Non-compete restrictions', asked if I could 
expand upon that restriction? For example:

1) How large a geographic area is that, say in a radius of Clevedon?

2) How large an audience does the club draw for a concert?

3) What is the Entry Fee?

4) What are the general circumstances that prompted this restriction?

5) Does the restriction apply to local band? Or do you not present local

6) What harm to the jazz club is anticipated by such a performance within
the period?

Well now, the answers are as follows:

1. About 15/20 miles
2. 75 to 100 max
3. Between £4.50 ($3) and £8 ($5.50) depending on membership status and the 
fee the band requires.
4. Another 'Club' starting up 5 miles away and using bands already booked 
by Clevedon Jazz Club within a few weeks.
5. All bands local and otherwise - including US bands on tour!
6. Sharing the same audience! Two Clubs with the same band in the same 
geographical area at the same time = 1/2 an audience for both!

Good Jazzin'

Trevor Tomasin

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