[Dixielandjazz] More on classical turned jazzy.

dingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Sat Oct 16 14:12:49 PDT 2004

With this sudden interest in classical music performed by other than 
classical orchestras, let me add this long out of issue album.
Spike Jones does the Nutcracker Suite.
Adding a few extra orchestral instruments (flutes, celesta, french horn, 
bassoon, English horn) to the usual City Slicker madmen musicale, with 
arrangments by Joe "Country" Washburn, it brought the Russian Children's 
classic to new heights of both musical and comedic audibility.
Many of the Slickers doubled instruments -- my dad on bass clarinet, 
tenor, clarinet, violin as example.
I have still have three of the original four 78's that made up the 
album. (Moving takes its toll.) Alas, I no longer have a player for 78's 
but if I ever do I will burn off a CD for my grandkids to enjoy.
This was played as if for real but with the added sound effects and 
vocal moans and grunts one would expect from the City Slickers.
I wish the  powers that be at RCA would re-issue this as a CD  for some 
future Christmas. This stands the test of time, but it is as much for 
adults as kids.
It, like so much good stuff, languishes in the vaults of RCA.  (If there 
ever was a bootleg CD waiting to be smuggled in, this it one to recommend.)
Don Ingle

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