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Bill: I recall Les Brown's Bizet has his Day --  a  fugue theme by Bizet 
And I also vaguely remember Jan Savett's earlier band (SwingWing?) 
before his becoming a Mickey band, doing a swing arrangement
based on Bach's Fugue in G Minor.
And of course, speaking of Mickey Bands,  Freddie Martin had a lock on 
turning classical themes into commercial records.
I think that when I discovered the early Jan Savitt band's work it about 
floored me as it has great charts, good players, and swung. But the 
Mickey version made him wealthy (as a musician could be) in the 40's on.
Finally, let us not forgot my dad's old boss, Spike Jones, who had dad 
singing his barroom baritone on Liebestraum and on the semi-classical 
Glow Worm.
Or dad's own Capitol sides of Moe Zart's Turkey Trot (Rondo ala Turk) 
and Paganini's Keep 'er going Stomp (Perpetuoso), or his Song of 
Indians, Rimsky K's
Song of India. Lots of good material out there though I think yo'd have 
your work cut out for you trying to do a trad version of a PhillipGlass 
Don (so many tunes, so little chops) Ingle

Bill Haesler wrote:

>Further to the thread started by my friend Luis, no one has yet mentioned
>the John Kirby Orch and "Riffs On" (15 Jan 1941) with Charlie
>Shavers, Buster Bailey, Russell Procope, Billy Kyle, John Kirby and O'Neil
>Jut one in a series which the Kirby group worked out in 1939-1941.
>Others by the Kirby band include:
>"Fantasy Impromptu" (Chopin).
>"Nocturne" (Griselle)
>"Serenade" (Schubert).
>"Humoresque" (Dvorak).
>"Sextette" ('Lucia di Lammermoor' - Donizetti)
>"Frasquita Serenade" (Lehar).
>"Bounce of the Sugar Plum Fairy" (Tchaikovsky.
>"Arabian Nightmare" (Rimsky-Korsakov)
>"Valse" (Chopin).
>"Hayden Gets Hep".
>"Pilgrim's Chorus" ('Tannhauser' - Wagner).
>"Anitra's Dance" ('Peer Gynt' - Greig).
>"Elegie" (Massenet).
>"Sextette" ('Lucia di Lammermoor' - Donizetti).
>Then there are the great, but rare, 1941 stride piano solos by Donald
>"Pilgrim's Chorus" ('Tannhauser' - Wagner).
>"Anitra's Dance" ('Peer Gynt' - Greig).
>"Elegie" (Massenet).
>"Sextette" ('Lucia di Lammermoor' - Donizetti).
>Our clt player and DJMLer Jack Wiard has already introduced the following
>into the band on a regular basis (and is currently working on others):
>"Tchaikovsky's Lament (Swan Lake)".
>"Messin' With Mozart".
>"The Anvil Chorus".
>Very kind regards,
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