[Dixielandjazz] Re:Muggsy Bugle call rag

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 15 18:37:17 PDT 2004

Dear Luis,
To properly pinpoint this recording more information would have helped.
The full instrumentation.
Is it from a studio session or a broadcast?
Some identification of (say) the cltist or tbnist.
The source record and catalogue number. (Unless it is an anonymous tape).
Muggsy recorded "Bugle Call Rag at 6 sessions.
1.  30 Sept 1944 ('Town Hall' Concert broadcast).
2.  1-3 March 1945 (the 'Manhattan' studio sessions).
3.  7 April 1945 (The final concert in the so-called 'Town Hall' series).
4.  15 Feb 1947 (Rudi Blesh 'This is Jazz' broadcast).
5.  11 May 1957 (from Hangover Club with Earl Hines).
6.  1959 (from unknown broadcasts with Earl Hines, sometimes incorrectly
referred to as being from Chicago 1954).
We can discount the last three, as there is no bass sax present.
This narrows it down to the first three sessions, on which Ernie Caceres
plays baritone sax.
*The Town Hall broadcast version from 30 Sept 1944 is 4 minutes 19 seconds
long and features Ed Hall prominently (who I am sure you would recognise),
solos by everyone and lots of 4 bar breaks for everyone. I doubt that this
is the one you mention.
*The Manhattan (the record company, not the district in New York) studio
session version is 2 minutes 56 seconds long and has the following routine.
Muggsy intro breaks, Ernie Caceres break, Lou McGarity tbn break, Caceres
deep-throated baritone solo, Gene Schroeder pno solo, Lou McGarity solo,
ensemble, Charlie Carroll dm break, then band tag. Pee Wee Russell can be
heard in the ensembles, but not distinctly enough to pick him, unless you
are a devoted Pee Wee fan, like me.
*The 7 April 1945 side is 3 minutes long. It was issued on LP (Jazum 66 &
Storyville SLP 133) and recently came out on Vol. 11 of the excellent
Jazzology Eddie Condon Town Hall Concert series. The routine has Muggsy
intro breaks, Ernie Caceres break, Joe Dixon clt break, Vernon Brown tbn
break, ensemble, Caceres baritone solo, Brown tbn solo, Muggsy two choruses,
Dixon solo, ensemble, two Sid Catlett drum breaks and band tag. Dave Bowman
in on pno and Jack Lesberg is the bass player.
Therefore it is probably No. 2 or 3 from the above list.
At least, we seem to have tracked down the sax player.
I hope this helps.
Very kind regards,

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