[Dixielandjazz] UK JAZZ FESTIVAL and I Never wronged an Onion

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 06:32:46 PDT 2004

If anyone's visiting the Uk in November, you might be interested in 
Teignmouth Jazz Fesival 19th to 21st November :


Teignmouth is a small seaside town in Devon and all the venues are within 
walking distance of each other. There's a good variety of  bands and OKOM is 
well represented.  Tony Davis will be there with Zenith Hot Stompers on 
Saturday afternoon and in the evening I shall be singing with his quartet.

The next day we're moving 20 miles or so down the road to Coleton Fishacre, 
originally the home of the D'Oyley Carte family (Savoy Opera)  where we're 
presenting a programme called "Savoy Connection" .  The Savoy ,owned by the 
family, was one of the big dance band venues in the 20s and 30s.  Coleton 
Fishacre was first occupied in 1926, the same year as the "Melody Maker" 
(pro musicians' journal) was launched.  I've been trawling our copies trying 
to find one or two "connective" tunes but it seems the most popular that 
year were the (to me) dreadful "Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie" and the 
intriguing, "I Never Wronged an Onion"  I tried to find some information 
about the latter on line........ has anyone ever come across it?  And before 
anyone tells me, I know it's not jazz but it was certainly played by the 
dance bands.

Cheers Jude

Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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