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Beth and other attendees--
     Well, sounds like a good idea to me.  The shindig is advertised 
as starting at 3 pm, but someone said there is also a catered 
luncheon (which however is not mentioned elsewhere).
     If there is nothing going on before 3 pm, i imagine we could meet 
somewhere close to (or in) the Townsend Center around 2 pm or so for 
drinks and conversation.  But since i haven't been in San Francisco 
since approximately 1964, someone else who is more familiar with the 
area might be a better choice to suggest where to convene.

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>Or, it's possible the band's name refers to Yerba Buena Island, 
>still very much in existence. But I doubt it. My guess is for the 
>Any thoughts of having a DJML F2F at the "tea dance"? I have my 
>tickets already.
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>>     Buchanan also notes (page 59) that "Bob Helm had come up with 
>>the name Yerba Buena Jazz Band....".  And perhaps Helm knew that 
>>San Francisco was once named Yerba Buena, so that the band's name 
>>refers to the old name for the city, not to the plant.
>>     Wouldn't it be nice, and appropriate, if the Lu Watters tribute 
>>included some Yerba Buena tea?
>>     Dan

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