[Dixielandjazz] Uncaring city councils

Vachesr at aol.com Vachesr at aol.com
Thu Oct 14 08:28:59 PDT 2004

Thank you, Tom---But no thanks.  I'm  too  far  over  the hill  to  take  on
any  new crusade.   I'm  also  fed  up  with  seeing  the  things  I  worked
so  hard   to get started.  ignored,  or  allowed to fall  apart.
          You mention New York  constructing a Jazz  Hall of Fame.  Fine.  
But  how about  the one  I  instituted  years  ago in conjunction  with  the
Rutgers Institute of  Jazz  Stdies,  which  inducts  a new  slate  every  
year?   Wouldn't it  be nice  if  this  well-established  program  was  installed 
 in that shiny, new  building?.  Fat chance!
             Then there's  The Amerucan Federation of Jazz  Societies.  It
started  off with  great enthusiam and  ambitious plans.    It  still  has
loyal  members,  but  the plans have  foundered.
             OKOM  will survive.  It has  already  overcome  a  long  history
of  setbacks  and  forecasts  of  doom, because,  seemingly out of  nowhere,  
a new generation  of  talented  and  dedicated  musicians  takes
it  over.  This is happening  right  now,  thanks tu then.  But  keep  that
flickering flame  alive.   Best  wishes--
Warren Vache' Sr.

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