[Dixielandjazz] Perfect headliner for Sacto. Jubilee???? - Hot local act.

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 12 12:40:55 PDT 2004

Tom Wiggins got the following email imploring him to take over the
management of this band. Now I know he is too shy to pass it on to the list.

However, it fits two threads. First, "Headliners" and Second: "Visual

I say go for it Tom. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "First we must hang all the
drummers!" VBG :-)

Steve Barbone

To: Thomas Wiggins

 "(Name deleted  for privacy) is a Bay Area based heavy metal band. We are
trying to find an agent to represent our band.  We were wondering if you are
accepting band packages.  We would like for you to listen to our 2-song
demo, read our BIO and review our picture.  We have a shocking performance,
which can be viewed on our DVD showing the live hanging of our drummer at
the beginning of our show along with our phenomenal stage performance.  We
are ready to go professional and need the right manager to guide us on our

"If you would like to review our band further please e-mail us at"  (deleted
for privacy)  "or call us at"  (deleted).
Ask for Sticks."  (before he gets hung, no doubt)

 Thank you.


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