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Dick Sleeman d.sleeman at hccnet.nl
Sun Oct 10 13:48:15 PDT 2004


I own a double LP containing 24 songs played by Bobby Hackett, accompanied by Glen Osser on organ and piano. It is a re-issue by some French label and apart from the titles there are no further data. What I'd like to know is whether this organ is a so called electronic organ, as some of my friends say, or is it a pipe organ, like they had in movie theatres. If it's an electronic it's NOT a Hammond, more like a Lowrey. The sound is like the ones we had here in Holland, in movie theatres and radio studios. Come to think of it, 'Fats' Waller made also recordings on organ. Anybody?

Dick Sleeman, Lelystad, Holland.

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BTW, the titles are:

 1 - Moonlight in Vermont (J.Blackburn/K.Suessdorf)
 2 - Lazy Afternoon (J.Latouche/J.Moross)
 3 - Can't get out of this mood (F.Loesser/J.McHugh)
 4 - Love letters (E.Heyman/V.Young)
 5 - Like someone in love (J.Burke/J.Van Heusen)
 6 - Polkadots and moonbeams (J.Burke/J.Van Heusen)
 7 - It's been a long long time (S.Kahn/J.Styne)
 8 - Sweet and lovely (G.Arnheim/C.Daniels/H.Tobias)
 9 - Bewiched (L.Hart/R.Rodgers)
10 - I couldn't sleep a wink last night (H.Adamson/J.McHugh)
11 - Dream (J.Mercer)
12 - That old feeling (L.Brown/S.Fain)
13 - These foolish things (H.Marvell/H.Link/J.Strachey)
14 - Stardust (M.Parish/H.Carmichael)
15 - Misty (J.Burke/E.Garner)
16 - The boy next door R.Blane/H.Martin)
17 - Stairway to the stars (M.Parish/M.Malneck/F.Signorelli)
18 - Fools rush in (J.Mercer/R.Bloom)
19 - Midnight sun (S.Burke/L.Hampton)
20 - It's magic (S.Kahn/J.Styne)
21 - Blue is the night (F.Fisher)
22 - Chances are (A.Stilman/R.Allen)
23 - When I fall in love E.Heyman/V.Young)
24 - Indian summer (V.Herbert)

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