[Dixielandjazz] Canyon - Was Big Bear Tavern

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 9 17:10:01 PDT 2004

Tom Wiggins wrote: (polite snip)

> As Dave Richoux mentioned on this thread
> yesterday, there is also a really well hidden little town even further back in
> the hills between Orinda and Oakland called "Canyon" where most of the
> residents are former hippies, and non conformists of one sort or another which
> we like to refer to as ecclectic folks, a few still living in their old
> converted school bus mobile homes from the early sixties, growing their own
> veggies and herbal medications in the woods around them, eating off the land
> etc.  A nice funky place to live if you want to be unnoticed by most of the
> world,

Oh my, that brings back memories. Discovered Canyon in 1966, while living at
the top of the hills just above Skyline Blvd on the Oakland side, just a
half mile north of the road down into Canyon. When friends visited from back
East, I used to show them Canyon, Haight Ashbury, and Sausalito where we
lived before moving to the Oakland Hills. (plus all the usual SF area
sights) The residents of Canyon were true hippies back then and even my jazz
musician friends from the Big Apple marveled at how hip they were.

I even got to know some of the musical residents there. A real trip.

Steve Barbone

Musical Content "Thanks For The Memories."

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